Maximizing Human Potential

Building human centered businesses

First of all thank you for being here, I appreciate your time and attention. Before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was working as a sales and marketing professional for large corporations. In 2014 I made my first financial investment into a start-up company in their seed round. Shortly after, mid 2016 I quit my job and openend my own agency.

Now, I’m the co-founder of the Brand Humanizing Institute and the founder of Second Leap. My goal is to work on a future where we unleash human potential through personal development and technology.

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I’ve worked with amazing brands

I’ve worked with amazing brands

Don’t Let Grandmother Talk to the Robots

September 16th – 4 min read

Earlier this year I was asked to give a Keynote on the topic of Brand Humanizing, robotization, and AI. The hosts had given it the title: “Help, the robots are coming!” and wanted me to explain if technology were to become a threat or an aid….

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AI Might Take Over
Your Job!

July 5th – 6 min read

As humans, we should not fear to lose our jobs to robots or automation in itself. Instead, we should embrace it as an extra tool to make our jobs easier and allow us to make more use of our own intelligence, empathy, and creativity. Easier said than done, I agree. But times are changing…


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