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Unlocking the power of human potential in a digital world

Hi! My name is Ferry, winner of the Anti-Discrimination in Artificial Intelligence Hackathon and international public speaker about the synergy between Humans & Technology.

That’s what I talk about on stage as public speaker, in The Huma Era Podcast which I host, and at the company I co-founded.

Sharing knowledge


Check out some recent Keynotes, panel discussions, and Webinars I did.


All recordings of podcasts I hosted or was a guest speaker on.


This is where you can find some longer-form writing, like blogs and articles.

What I do

Speaking engagements
Keynotes, panels, and workshops during events or in-house is my strong suit.

I’ll never say no to a good conversation. Check out some of the Podcasts I did.

Brand Humanizing
I´m the co-founder of the Brand Humanizing Institute. Let’s collaborate!

Recent Blogs

Book me as your speaker!

Ready to challenge perspectives and engage your audience with thought-provoking discussions on human potential in the digital world? Book the award-winning innovator and public speaker, Ferry Hoes today and bring the synergy of humans and technology to your next event! (Bookings through Speakers Academy in Rotterdam).

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